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TK Platinum P1 Deluxe Hockey Stick

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Hockey Stick Bow Extra Low Bow

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TK's Platinum Sticks raise the sporting bar for those players that demand the best.

Setting NEW standards in technology advancement, TK's state of the art Platinum sticks are built with a high Carbon Nano tube configuration, and Zero Glass fibre Rock Kevlar toe reinforcement. The new highlight of the two upper level Platinum Sticks is the foam filled core, a first in Hockey. Another impressive aspect of these sticks, is the use of Dynanotex Spread Roving technology. This is not only a dream, the technology is visible on the side of the stick, a chequer board look. This is Dynanotex Technology.

Shape: Late Extreme BowThe lowest placement of the 25mm bow possible to produce the ultimate in drag flick performance. The most concentrated level of assistance of any of our stick profiles, the Late Extreme Bow shape is fully concentrated on maximising drag flick consistency & aerial passing skills. Late Extreme Bow for the ultimate drag flick performance & carbon rich specification for excellent power potential.

Dynanotex ReinforcementDynanotex is a tow spreading system of dry carbon fibre strands. These dry fibre strands go through a very precise process whereby the fibres are un-bundled and aligned precisely at their axes enabling them to yield 100% fibre strength. This technology maximises the stick's potential so it will perform comfortably under rough and tough playing conditions.

Nano TechnologyTK's advancement into Multiwall Carbon Nano Tube architecture enhances the mechanical strength of the stick's composite structure utilising a strong Carbon to Carbon Covalent bond. This combination produces extreme rigidity and durability during play. TK continues to excel in the field of Nano technology research and development, now intrinsic in the success of its competition class sticks.

VGT - Vacuum Guided TechnologyTK is the first to introduce the "PLAYER'S DREAM STICK". Be the first to use it! TK's Vacuum Guided Technology is a state of the art process forming a foam core stick that demonstrates high level shock absorption, stiffness and a solid state structure with fine tuned sound attenuation when compared to conventional hollow sticks.

CCM - Compact Compression MouldingTK has developed a revolutionary moulding process, CCM, whereby the stick matrix is treated to both mould side wall pressure and also pneumatic matrix cavity pressure. This creates a super compacted stick by removing all micro air bubbles from the composite matrix, increasing the bulk density mass and on a nano scale, positions the particles closer together for a maximum strength stick.

CDT - Carbide Diffusion TechnologyA world FIRST in Hockey Stick Technology, TK has introduced a revolutionary process technology called CDT that produces an excellent carbide diffused stick head which is remarkably strong & resistant against abrasion. This stick is an ideal one to be used on sand filled pitches where hockey sticks endure abrasive force.

Material: 100 % Carbon

Colour: Gold

Size Guide

Hockey Sticks

Hockey Stick Size Height
38.5 inch Light Above 6ft 5in
38 inch Light
37.5 inch Superlight
37.5 inch Ultralite
37.5 inch Light 6ft 2in - 6ft 5in
37.5 inch Medium
36.5 inch Superlight
36.5 inch Ultralite
36.5 inch Light 5ft 4in - 6ft 2in
36.5 inch Medium
36 inch Light
35.5 inch Light
35 inch Light 5ft - 5ft 4in
34.5 inch Light
34 inch Light 4ft 7in - 5ft
32 inch Light 4ft - 4ft 7in
30 inch Light 3ft 8in - 4ft
28 inch Light 3ft 4in - 3ft 8in
26 inch Light 3ft - 3ft 4in
38 inch Ultralite
38 inch Medium
33 inch Light
32 inch Superlight
34 inch Superlight
35 inch Superlight


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