JDH X93TT Concave Hockey Stick (2018/19)

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Hockey Stick Bow Extra Low Bow
Hockey Stick Type Full Composite
Season 2018/19

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The X93 replaces the X79 as the fagship JDH stick. With a new layup, the X93 is JDH's stiffest and most powerful  stick  ever.

The signature JDH feel and touch has been kept whilst increasing hitting power.

Made with the JDH Taper Toe™ design and in a range of bow’s, the X93 is JDH's best stick yet.

Finished with natural, high grade, Japanese carbon, this stick deserves it’s position at the top of the JDH range.


CURVE : 24.75mm | BOW : 200mm from head

Jamie’s 93rd game for Australia was the Olympic fnal in Athens and this stick is made with approximately 93%  carbon.

Size Guide

Hockey Sticks

Hockey Stick Size Height
41.3 inch
38 inch Medium
38.5 inch Light Above 6ft 5in
38 inch Ultralite
38 inch Light
37.5 inch Superlight
37.5 inch Ultralite
37.5 inch Light 6ft 2in - 6ft 5in
37.5 inch Medium
36.5 inch Superlight
36.5 inch Ultralite
36.5 inch Light 5ft 4in - 6ft 2in
36.5 inch Medium
36 inch Light
35.5 inch Light
35 inch Light 5ft - 5ft 4in
35 inch Superlight
34.5 inch Light
34 inch Light 4ft 7in - 5ft
34 inch Superlight
33 inch Light
32 inch Light 4ft - 4ft 7in
32 inch Superlight
30 inch Light 3ft 8in - 4ft
28 inch Light 3ft 4in - 3ft 8in
26 inch Light 3ft - 3ft 4in
34 inch light
41 inch
39.5 inch Light


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rating Mr Ben Collins
Jayne C. on 26/12/2018 Very good stick great price
rating Jdh x93 concave
Fahmi N. on 02/01/2019 Extremely light but powerful. Fast delivery.