Grays GX 5000 Jumbo Hockey Stick (2016/17)

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Data sheet

Hockey Stick Bow Extra Low Bow
Hockey Stick Type Full Composite
Season 2016/17

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The GX (Grays Xtreme) range of composite hockey sticks have evolved over the last decade in response to new materials and playing styles. Sticks in the GX range offer a well balanced level of power and control.

Features of the Grays GX 5000 Jumbo Hockey Stick

Bow : Jumbo

The Jumbow profile combines the low curve location of the Probow, with the sweeping curve of the Dynabow. This makes it a dynamic sticks for all styles of play; with the ability to perform 3D skills and the power for traditional striking shots. The thick profile and heel are well suited to striking and tackling, while the hook option offers extra stopping area.

Suitable for: • Combinations of technical play, backhands, and hitting • Drag flicking, aerials

  • Greater response, feel & touch.
  • With new True Feel handle construction & head face.
  • Maxi Headshape
  • Mid Power Rating
  • Mid Feel Rating
  • Constructed from Carbon, Aramid and Glassfibre
  • Traction Grip
  • Colour: Black/Yellow

Size Guide

Hockey Sticks

Hockey Stick Size Height
38.5 inch Light Above 6ft 5in
38 inch Light
37.5 inch Superlight
37.5 inch Ultralite
37.5 inch Light 6ft 2in - 6ft 5in
37.5 inch Medium
36.5 inch Superlight
36.5 inch Ultralite
36.5 inch Light 5ft 4in - 6ft 2in
36.5 inch Medium
36 inch Light
35.5 inch Light
35 inch Light 5ft - 5ft 4in
34.5 inch Light
34 inch Light 4ft 7in - 5ft
32 inch Light 4ft - 4ft 7in
30 inch Light 3ft 8in - 4ft
28 inch Light 3ft 4in - 3ft 8in
26 inch Light 3ft - 3ft 4in
38 inch Ultralite
38 inch Medium
33 inch Light
32 inch Superlight
34 inch Superlight
35 inch Superlight


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