How to choose a Junior Cricket Bat

Lots has been said about choosing the right junior cricket bat, however the most important issue is just how comfortable is it for the intended user. There are official size guides which work on the players height, these are widely recognized as follows:-

Junior Cricket Bat Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 Harrow
Height up to 4’3”  4’6”  4’9” 4’11” 5’2”  5’4”  5’6”

The theory behind this is that the top of the bat handle should reach the top of a player's thigh, that’s ok but it does not take into account the vast variations in leg length over height.

Now you will notice that these measurements are not very far apart and because of this information, players have a tendency to go for a size up or even worse, well-meaning parents encourage their offspring to take a much larger bat because of their growth rate.

Unfortunately although this information is provided for the best of reasons, it really distracts from the bigger issue of weight and a term we call pick up.

The weight of cricket bats varies from around 1lb 4oz for the smallest junior cricket bat to 3lb 4oz for the heaviest full size bat, though anything over 3lb becomes very difficult to use.

As a norm for younger players we would always recommend lighter bats, however, the pick-up is more important than its absolute weight, and depends on how the weight is distributed around the blade. Different batsmen prefer different pick-up, so it’s important to get the feel of several bats before making a choice.

The pick up affects bat control, which must be exercised only by the batsman's top hand, if you can't play strokes one handed then the bat is too heavy; if tempted to use a bat that is too heavy you can guarantee your cricket will take a step backward. It is particularly important for junior batsmen to avoid this, so that they learn the right technique and enjoy their batting.

There are other features, which will affect a cricket bat's performance like the curvature of the face and varying handle thickness that gives each model a different feel and flexibility.

But remember weight & balance are the major issues. Another good tip is, never rush out to buy a new bat if the one you have is working well for you, when the time comes to replace it make sure you get as close as you can to the existing weight and balance.

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