TK ECO Hybrid Control Bow Hockey Stick (2023/24)
      TK ECO Hybrid Control Bow Hockey Stick (2023/24)
      TK ECO Hybrid Control Bow Hockey Stick (2023/24)
      TK ECO Hybrid Control Bow Hockey Stick (2023/24)
      TK ECO Hybrid Control Bow Hockey Stick (2023/24)

      TK ECO Hybrid Control Bow Hockey Stick (2023/24)

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      TK ECO Hybrid Control Bow Hockey Stick (2023/24)

      We know that traditional carbon fibre composites have their environmental challenges, but our latest innovation, the Eco Hybrid, is here to lead us towards a more sustainable future.

      By combining high-end spread tow Japanese Carbon Fibre with Flax Fibres, we’re taking a momentous step in the right direction. This combination not only makes the composite more environmentally friendly but also adds an extraordinary touch of finesse. Prepare to experience a stick like no other, with unparalleled vibration dampening and an exquisite feel that will elevate your game to new heights!

      Extracted from the Linseed plant, Flax fibre boasts continuous long cellulose fibres that infuse the composite with unmatched tensile strength and stiffness. Flax’s production and conversion require a mere fraction of the energy compared to glass fibre. During its growth, Flax has a remarkable ability to capture carbon emissions, making it one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly reinforcement options for composites.

      So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embrace the future of composites – a thrilling blend of innovation and eco-consciousness. With our Eco Hybrid Composite, we’re steering towards a brighter and better planet, leaving a trail of positive change in our wake.

      Welcome to a new era of excellence, where sustainability and performance unite like never before!

      The details:
      Shape: Control Bow
      Technology: 18K Japanese Carbon, NPR
      Composition: 70% Carbon, 20% Flax, 10% Glassfibre
      Colour: Green-Flax
      Balance Point: 38cm ±1cm
      Weight: 510g ±10g
      Bow Placement: 235mm
      Bow Peak: 24mm

      TK Hockey

      Data sheet

      Stick Bow
      Mid Bow
      Stick Type
      Full Composite

      Hockey Stick Size Guide

      Choosing the correct size for a field hockey stick is vital for ensuring both comfort and performance during play. Here's a basic size guide for field hockey sticks based on the player's height:

      Hockey Stick SizePlayer Height (ft)Player Height (cm)
      24 inchup to 3 ftup to 92cm
      26 inch3ft - 3ft 5in92-106cm
      28 inch3ft 6in - 3ft 10in107-117cm
      30 inch3ft 11in - 4ft 1in118-125cm
      32 inch4ft 2in - 4ft 5in126-135cm
      34 inch4ft 6in - 4ft 11in136-148cm
      35 inch5ft - 5ft 3in149-161cm
      36.5 inch5ft 4in - 6ft162-184cm
      37.5 inch6ft - 6ft 4in184-193cm
      38.5 inch6ft 4 and above193cm and above

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