GripGrip Pro (Non moving cricket grip tape)
      GripGrip Pro (Non moving cricket grip tape)

      GripGrip Pro (Non moving cricket grip tape)

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      Does your grip move up your bat handle?Do you find yourself trying to adjust a grip during an innings?Do you get fed up with needing to sort out your grip before you bat?Would you like to have a grip that is secure on the bat handle, allows no movement, no twisting during a shot, and is totally reliable and secure?

      GripGrip tape is simple and easy to apply, in just a couple of minutes and at minimal cost, GripGrip stops the grip moving whilst improving the feel of the bat handle. Supplied in a 1.5m roll.The benefits are:

      • An end to constant re-gripping and grip replacement
      • No more concerns about the grip moving up during an innings
      • The grip no longer moves during a shot, generating confidence
      • Whilst providing a permanent feel, the grip can be easily changed
      • GripGrip - the simple economical solution, to a universal cricket problem.

      What is GripGrip?GripGrip is a highly flexible and stretchy rubber tape that when applied properly to a bat handle, will stop the grip moving. GripGrip has no adhesive, it simply binds to itself, making it easy to remove leaving no sticky residue.GripGrip is not however a cure all, in some circumstances it might fail to hold the grip. Perhaps your binding is unstable or dirty or the grip might be old.

      Application Instructions

      • Start off with your batting grip rolled down the handle.
      • Making sure your hands are clean, roll your grip towards you by 3" (7.6cm). Check that the binding is in good condition, if the twine is loose, GripGrip will not work.
      • Remove approximately 4" (10.2cm) of tape and cut with scissors.
      • Peel off the backing
      • Pin the GripGrip with your thumb approximately 1" up the binding. Now pull firmly making the GripGrip stretch and go thin.
      • Wind the tape around the handle, laying it on top of the first layer, overlapping until it covers approximately 2" (5cm) up the handle.
      • Securing the final part of the GripGrip, apply pressure on top of the already applied GripGrip. Hold for 30s allowing for it to bind to itself.
      • Now simply roll the grip down handle to it's normal position and GripGrip is applied! Allow 10 minutes for the GripGrip to set before use.

      * In some playing conditions such as extreme heat or players fitting multiple grips, apply another band of GripGrip further up the handle. Some batsmen prefer GripGrip applied to the top and bottom of the handle, this provides an extra secure grip.

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      Works wonders
      rating 5
      A bit expensive but worth every penny, the grip won\'t move again!
      Fab tape!
      rating 5
      Grip now firmly in place!
      Grip tape
      rating 5
      Easy to use and appears to have worked well offsetting the need for 2 grips
      Very good
      rating 5
      Very good
      It really works!
      rating 5
      Very surprised and happy that this works. Bat grip no longer slides up even after a vigorous net session.
      rating 5
      rating 5
      Excellent service
      rating 5
      Grippy Grip Grip grips the grip to the bat so that your grip doesn't slip. Decent.
      Really good product
      rating 4
      My daughter's used her bat a few times since putting this on. The grip has probably moved about 1cm in three matches and 2 training sessions. A massive improvement on using tape, but I don't yet know how many times you'd be able to reposition the grip over the GripGrip before it has to be replaced.
      product review
      rating 5
      Excellent product. Grip doesn't move at all, would highly recommend for people with problems with moving grips
      Warburton - Sussex
      rating 5
      Wow this really works!
      Grippy grip grip
      rating 5
      A bit tricky to get right first go but once got the knack it's straight forward. Grip hasn't budged in course of 4+ net sessions so I am well pleased.
      rating 5
      Grip Grip is awesome - my grips now dont move a millimetre, let alone the 2 inches every time I used to bat!