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Hockey Stick Bow Extra Low Bow
Hockey Stick Type Full Composite
Season 2019/20

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Blaze from the Ignite Series is an all-round masterclass of precision engineering. Perfectly tuned to the progressive hockey player’s needs, it encompasses power, balance and flexibility harmoniously to deliver a hockey stick that oozes in dynamism. What the 75% lacks in power in comparison to its 100% and 95% counterparts, seriously makes up for in touch and control. Expertly balanced for the skilled playmaker, the flexibility and touch capabilities of the Blaze make it the stick of choice for those who play with quicker hands.

Similar to the other Ignite series, Blaze encompasses a significant number of technological advancements, and its blend of 75% carbon makes it ideal for skills and quick hands. It finely balances power and flexibility to deliver a stick with unrivalled all-round performance – something which every playmaker looks for. Blaze also boasts an extreme low bow mould of 205mm making it easier to conduct the more advanced skills of the game – 3D, aerials and dragflicks.

Utilising world leading technology, Blaze’s AeroCarbon bonding significantly increases tensile strength, while its precision engineered I-Core combines both power and weight saving advancements never seen before. This, in conjunction with its face touch compound – for advanced touch control, and a foam loaded grip to reduce vibrations, will give you the technological edge over any player.

Blaze’s technological advancements push the boundaries of stick manufacturing – putting it at the forefront of stick fabrication. It has been specifically developed for the intermediate to advanced hockey player looking for a great all-round hockey stick.

  • Weight: 525 – 545 grams
  • Balance Point: 37.5 cm
  • Composition: 75% Carbon
  • Bow Height: 24.75 mm (Extra Low bow)
  • Max Bow Point: 200 mm


The Ignite series has an extreme lowbow position of 200mm, making it the perfect stick for players wanting to perform advanced skills such as 3D, aerials and drag flicks. A versatile all round hockey stick that all players will be comfortable using.



POWER : 75%
3D SKILLS : 100%
AERIALS : 100%


The Ignite series is Dragon's most advanced hockey stick. Our unique AeroCarbon technology increases carbon bonding and reduces stick weight. This results in a more powerful and lightweight stick than ever before.



Dragon sticks feature the latest in AeroCarbon bonding, which, during the manufacturing process creates microscopic honeycomb structures in the carbon - increasing strength, but more importantly reducing weight.

Touch Compound


A player's touch can make all the difference in those game-changing situations. Dragon sticks come with a sand paper like compound on the lower face of the stick. This increases the friction between ball and stick.

Foam under-grip


Our advanced shock absorbing foam under-grip helps to dampen vibrations - making our sticks easier to handle on those colder winter days.

I-Core Technology


All Dragon sticks utilise the most advanced carbon core available - the I-core. This provides extreme internal strength and gives our sticks the additional power you don't find anywhere else.

12k carbon weave


The true strength of a hockey stick comes from its composition and weave. Dragon's 12k carbon weave is one of the most advanced on the market, ensuring maximum tensile strength for increased stick durability.


Once your new Dragon Hockey stick arrives, you will have 30 days to decide whether or not it’s the perfect hockey stick for you. Use it like you would with any other stick - take it to the pitch, hit, slap, flick. Whatever you want to do, give it a good run around.

If your Dragon Hockey stick isn't for you, then simply get in touch with us and we will send you instruction on how to send it back for a full refund. The only cost you will have to pay is the return postage.

* you can only return one stick within a 90 day period

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Hockey Stick Size Height
41.3 inch
38 inch Medium
38.5 inch Light Above 6ft 5in
38 inch Ultralite
38 inch Light
37.5 inch Superlight
37.5 inch Ultralite
37.5 inch Light 6ft 2in - 6ft 5in
37.5 inch Medium
36.5 inch Superlight
36.5 inch Ultralite
36.5 inch Light 5ft 4in - 6ft 2in
36.5 inch Medium
36 inch Light
35.5 inch Light
35 inch Light 5ft - 5ft 4in
35 inch Superlight
34.5 inch Light
34 inch Light 4ft 7in - 5ft
34 inch Superlight
33 inch Light
32 inch Light 4ft - 4ft 7in
32 inch Superlight
30 inch Light 3ft 8in - 4ft
28 inch Light 3ft 4in - 3ft 8in
26 inch Light 3ft - 3ft 4in
34 inch light
41 inch
39.5 inch Light
41 inch Light
38.5 inch Superlight


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Helen L. on 21/06/2019 Played with the Dragon Hydra last season and love the Blaze stick just as much. Really well balanced and the low bow bend helps with my 3D skills
Helen L. on 21/06/2019 Using my Blaze stick has just really helped my skills and control.
Tom M. on 21/06/2019 Dragon brilliant as ever
Elizabeth B. on 21/06/2019 Awesome design, love this brand
Andrew N. on 21/06/2019 Perfect for practicing my skills :)

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