Crazy Catch Vision Ball Level 2

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Vision Balls have been designed with visual markings to help improve ball tracking, catching and ball striking skills.The Vision Ball Level 2 is air filled and thus an excellent ball for good general use for ages between 6- 60 years old ( or older). It is soft and thus makes it easier and safer to catch. Players, by being asked what colour/shape or number that they last saw, once they have caught the balll are more focused on watching the ball all the way into their hands or as it stikes the bat/club. The Vision Ball Level 2 provides an erratic rebound on the "insane" side of the Crazy Catch. and a predicatble rebound off the sane side. It is an excellent small ball to learn to catch. Soft, safe, great grip and very durable and the most popular of all three models. It is however recommended for improved eye tracking, peripheral vision and awareness , that players should use various different size and weighted balls as this will vary erractic and speed of returns off the Crazy Catch. Weight 95grams 72mm ( cricket ball) diameter - Hollow centre.


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