Below is a size guide to help you with your selections.

Please note this is an estimated guide only to the approximate fit. This in no way constitutes an assurance of sizes, nor a measure that may be used in cases of dispute. This guide is published as an assistance, not an alternative, to actually trying on sizing samples.

Cricket Bat Size Guide: 

The size suited to an individual is mainly determined by height, however it will depend on personal preferences such as weight and pick-up. It is important that juniors do not use a bat which is too big for them.

Size of batLength of batTypical HeightTypical Age
Size 026 inchesup to 4ftUnder 5
Size 127 inches4ft - 4ft 3in4-5
Size 228 inches4ft 3in - 4ft 6in6-7
Size 329 inches4ft 6in - 4ft 9in8
Size 430 inches4ft 9in - 4ft 11in9-10
Size 531 inches4ft 11in - 5ft 2in10-12
Size 632 inches5ft 2in - 5ft 4in12-13
Harrow33 inches5ft 4in - 5ft 8in13-15
Short Handle33.5 inches5ft 8in - 6ft 4in15+
Long Handle34.5 inches6ft 4in and over15+

Cricket Pads Size Guide:

The size suited to an individual is mainly determined by height. The sizes given below is the distance between the middle of the knee roll and the instep.

Size of padsKnee roll to instep sizeTypical HeightTypical Age
Small Boys30 - 32 cmup to 4ft 6in6 - 9
Boys32 - 35 cm4ft 6in - 5ft9 - 12
Youths36 - 38 cm5ft - 5ft 7in12 - 15
Mens39 - 43 cm5ft 7in and above15+

Cricket Gloves Size Guide:

Size of glovesTypical HeightTypical Age
Small Boysup to 4ft 6in6 - 9
Boys4ft 6in - 5ft9 - 12
Youths5ft - 5ft 7in12 - 15
Mens5ft 7in and above15+

Clothing Size Guide:

Size of clothingWaist SizeChest Size
Small Boys2222/24
X Large36/3844
XX Large38/4046
XXX Large42/4448
XXXX Large46/4850

Hockey Stick Size Guide...

For many years the standard length of an international stick was 36”. Today the normal length for international sticks has increased to 36.5”. There is also a recent trend for even longer sticks, up to 38”, to be used.

Selecting the right length of stick is vitally important if all the skills of hockey are to be developed and performed well. In general, your height determines what length of stick you should use. However there are some benefits in selecting the longest stick that you can control. The more skillful player may want the benefits of extra reach and better vision that longer sticks can offer.

Junior Lengths...

A lot of children play with sticks that are far too long, one of the main reasons is that it looks "cool" to play with a senior stick. However playing with the wrong size of stick will negatively affect the hitting performance due to the length and mass of the head not being in balance. One should look for a Junior stick which has a "full size" (senior) head.

The main points are:
Does the stick feel comfortable?
Is it pressing into my tummy or am I having to bend too low and damage my back?
Can my hands control the head of the stick when I swing to hit the ball or is the head of the stick dominating my hands?

As a rough guide, we would recommend the following:

Player HeightStick Length
Below 4 ft30 inch
4ft - 4ft 7in32 inch
4ft '7in - 5ft34 inch
5ft - 5ft 4in36 inch
5ft 4in - 6ft 2in36.5 inch
6ft 2in - 6ft 5in37.5 inch
Above 6ft 5in38 inch