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Innovative and Groundbreaking - ACCU-REST

The Portable Twin Side Rest

ACCU-REST, the No1 Personal Portable Cueing Aid Kit in the World . Designed and manufactured by ourselves the ACCU-REST kit comprises of 2 individual rests made of strong material and is available in a choice of 3 different colours, red, blue and black . These rests clip and push on to the standard cross rest head ( which is found on all snooker and pool tables ) and enable you to play over stretched , unreachable and the hardest of shots with ease and accuracy like never before .

For use in all Cue Sports.

The ACCU-REST eleminates player's worries about damaged club rests. Made from strong reinforced plastic the ACCU-REST retains its quality and will not damage your snooker/pool/billiards table. All different types of rest which need to be carried or stored for a match can be eliminated by the use of ACCU-REST. It's versatille design and different fittings allow every type of shot to be played and more.

The ACCU-REST will revolutionise cue sports!

  • Shots which were once impossible are now open to play.
  • This includes Cushion shots which now can be played with far greater ease and accuracy.
  • No longer will players be forced to tip-toe and face the risk of losing balance or a mis-cue during those crucial moments in a game.
  • Player's solely using a traditional rest will be at a disadvantage.

100% TOURNAMENT LEGAL Passed and Acredited by World Snooker for use in all ranking tournaments worldwide.

Endorsed byStephen Lee (UK Top 10 Snooker Player) and Imran Majid
 (UK No.1 Pool Player)


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rating Accu-Rest
Mr A. on 29/12/2016 Sent an e-mail first to confirm colour availability. When I learnt that black was available I ordered and it was delivered within days. Great product and great service
rating Great rest attachment
Sam C. on 12/01/2017 This little thing makes a huge difference for reaching the shots that you think are out of reach !!